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'Two Up' is a collection of aviation anecdotes and photographs going back to the brothers' early fascination with aircraft in the sixties. It includes a wealth of inside information.

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A book for genealogists, historians and for those with an interest in Lincolnshire and its people, Jean Collins offers a composite picture of how South Kelsey and many similar country villages developed over the centuries. 

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Kenan Gatoli-King appears to be a robustly healthy eight-year-old when he leaves his home in Essex, to begin a new life with his family in a beautiful Spanish seaside town. Six months later, `the dream' ends abruptly after Kenan is diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia.

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For Karla, food is all about using healthy and wholesome ingredients. It is about eating better and making healthy yet delicious choices.

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Moving to Spain with Children is an essential self-help manual by a successful working Mum who has lived the relocation roller-coaster for you saving you months of hassle & heartache so that you arrive at the same place as her own family in half the time: Living & loving family life in Spain! Wished for the gift of hindsight? Moving to Spain with...

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Writing as Jennie Orbell, Gail writes romantic suspense, short fiction, contemporary fiction and romance. This is a light-hearted look at Gail's other, less glamorous, but far funnier, life in Leicestershire with her partner, Richard, two chickens and a tabby cat called Chea

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Breaking new ground, revealing the key elements needed to deliver excellence in recruitment for all User Testing & Qualitative Research, Maya uses her experience with Saros Research & thousands of research participants placed in an incredible range of projects to show how get the most out of the recruitment services you commission for your research.

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Adam Simmons provides managers in the public transport sector with practical planning tools to develop & improve their business. Includes railways, ferry, long distance bus/coach and air transport, with advice on pricing, strategy, marketing, linear programming, regression analysis, queuing theory & investment appraisal. These methods apply...

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