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  • Norman MacRitchie Reeley

    Following family tradition, he was originally destined to be an engineer in the shipyards of the River Clyde in Scotland. A chance meeting on a rain filled winter´s evening with an old school friend changed the direction of his life forever. He defied his father; quit his `secure´ engineering apprenticeship to train to become a Chef.

  • Adam Simmons MBA MSc BSc

    With thirty years in the Public Transport Industry, Adam Simmons MBA MSc BSc has worked on major passenger, freight and infrastructure projects across 5 continents. As a lecturer, tutor and practitioner in the field, Adam's writing is filled with practical information drawn from experience.

  • Brian Orgill

    Based in Spain, Brian Orgill speciallised in writing about life and relationships. We are glad that he lived to see the publication of his book and grateful to his family for allowing us to continue to publish his work.

  • Drew Kinayle

    If you are deliberating whether to buy this first novel of Drew Kinayle, wonder no more - buy it now: you won't regret the decision!

  • E. Bamford

    Experienced writer and restaurateur, E. Bamford moved to U P Publications with her fourth book and the start of a new trilogy - Chasing the Dead. Currently based in Spain, this much travelled author brings her well researched locations into her ingenious plots.

  • Edited by Gaile Griffin Peers

    MBA (Liverpool), Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute, Member of The European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship 

  • Edward Henry Weinel

    Edward Henry Weinel was born in March 1938 at Hornchurch, Essex, UK. His great grandfather (Johanne Freidrich)was the youngest of four brothers who migrated to England from Germany in the late nineteenth century. The brothers were bakers and applied their trade in the London area.

  • Gail Jennie Orbell

    As a successful author of books with interesting and amusing heroines, Gail turns her eagle eye to expose her own life as an author, with this blog style diary of events of her life in the heart of Leicestershire

  • Gina Gatoli King

    Gina Gatoli-King and Karen Mullally have produced a wonderful and memorable book that once you have read, you will never forget.

  • Henrietta Benjamin

    Henrietta Benjamin has lived inland from the Costa del Sol in Southern Spain for the last fifteen years. She lives a quiet and contented life with her husband, four dogs and nine beautiful cats. Everyone is an individual so full of stories that it is sometimes hard to keep up and write it all down!

  • Hilary Coombes

    Non Fiction author, Hilary Coombes turns now to her first love, fiction, as a writer of gritty tales about contemporary women

  • James Allen Mitchell

    Mr. Mitchell began his career in his twenties teaching creative writing, before resigning to travel to Europe to “write the next great American novel.

  • Jean Collins

    Jean Collins, 77, of South Kelsey, volunteered to re-type the history of her local church - but ended up writing the complete history of the village. And her book, South Kelsey – A History of a North Lincolnshire Village, is proving such a success, publishers are starting their second print run. 

  • Karla Ingleton Darocas

    Karla Ingleton Darocas is based in Spain and writes on a variety of topics from photography, web development & Art to music

  • Lisa Sadleir

    She works as an independent relocation advisor and personal property finder. She assist families and professionals in making the best decisions when planning their move to Spain.

  • Lyn Phillips

    Successful Lanzarote based British Artist, Lyn Phillips, has been producing her black and white sketches for art enthusiasts for years.

  • Mac Black

    May I introduce DEREK! It is unfortunate for him to be saddled by a nickname, a nickname that stuck when he was young, and one he'd rather not have. Derek, as a name, is fairly innocuous and is not the one causing the problem. Now the star of five books, Derek has been a constant friend. 

  • Mai Griffin

    Mai Griffin - During her successful career as an artist, travelling the world and painting portraits of Royalty, Heads of State and other prominent figures, Mai has never stopped writing. 

  • Maya Middlemiss

    Maya Middlemiss is the Managing Director of Saros Research in the UK and Casslar Consulting SL in Spain.

    Saros Research is the UK’s leading database-driven market research and user experience participant recruitment company, recruiting participants for a diverse range of qualitative, social and technical projects across all consumer and B2B market sectors.

  • Owen W Knight

    Owen Knight is an experienced researcher who has brought his deep understanding of ancient literature, myths and mysteries into the creation of an intriguing world where one mistake could annihilate ours. 

  • Ron and Jim Smith

    Ron Smith has been writing aviation books for some time. Jim has recently joined in with Two Up and its follow-up Two Up Down Under

  • Roy Grantham

    Roy was born in Derby in 1934 and now lives in Devon. After a hectic career in commerce and industry, he retired a few years ago to begin indulging his fascination with the written word.

  • Vonnie Giles

    Vonnie was born in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. A graduate of Cardiff University, she is an opera fan and a lover of Baroque music and after a rewarding career teaching in the UK, has been a resident of Spain for over twenty-five years.

  • William Daysh

    In William's working life there were two distinct phases- Royal Navy and post-Royal Navy - both roughly equal in time terms at around twenty-two years each.

  • William Taylor

    Writer of many articles and several Management books, William Taylor sadly lost his sight. This did not stop him from pioneering various sight aids for the sight impaired, he also wrote a full length novel.

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