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U P Publications Ltd

An Independent Publisher since 2003, we have an eclectic mix of titles. We have one simple rule - we only put our logo on the books we enjoy! Members of the Independent Publishers' Guild and the Publishers' Association in the UK and MABC in Spain

UK: +44 (0)208 133 0123  UK: +44 (0)208 133 0113

Spain: (+3496 646 1913 USA: (+1617 830 1897

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For Spain and USA:

U P Publications Ltd VAT Number: 818 2186 25       

UK Company Number: 04920266

We only take books that we think will have longevity.  

Please note - we do not accept manuscripts on first contact. You are welcome to write or send an email to us, with an outline - if we think it sounds like something we might wish to publish, we will then ask you to send the manuscript for proper consideration. We are not vanity publishers and we do not publish every manuscript we receive.


We want to help you to produce the best - so we have a team of ruthless proof readers who make sure that everything we publish is the best that it can be. It can therefore be several months between submission and acceptance and final publication. We make no pretence - we will always opt for quality over speed and accuracy over quick turn-round - which is why our books stay in print and only ever go out of print when a second edition is due out!