Dust and Shadows


by Owen W Knight

Emily and Peter found moving to Templewood an exciting prospect. However, the Sect controls all movement and communications in and out. The Pros and the Cons, seek a prophecy affecting the planet’s future. Both factions believe Peter holds the key unlocking its secrets. Emily and Peter must search ancient myths. Will the Sect’s intentions be revealed? Is it too late to save the world?

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Moving to a new home and school in Templewood was an exciting prospect for Emily and Peter. The reality is proving anything but. Both movement and communications in and out of the closed community are controlled by the Sect, in this remote location unknown to the outside world.
Two rival sections within the Sect, the Pros and the Cons, seek the missing third volume of a book of arcane knowledge, which will provide clues to realising a prophecy affecting the future of the planet.

Both factions believe Peter holds the key to locating the book and unlocking its secrets.
Is there a connection with the prophecy and local farmers developing crops to withstand wide climatic variations.?

As Emily and Peter uncover more evidence of the prophecy from many mythologies, the enormous scale of the Sect’s intentions is revealed.

Will it be too late to disrupt their plan and save the planet?

‘1984 Meets the Book of Revelation’

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