The Participant Principle


by Maya Middlemiss

Breaking new ground, revealing the key elements needed to deliver excellence in recruitment for all User Testing & Qualitative Research, Maya uses her experience with Saros Research & thousands of research participants placed in an incredible range of projects to show how get the most out of the recruitment services you commission for your research.

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“This book is a hands-on approach to the delivery of excellence in recruitment…  It distils many years of experience and ongoing innovation into simple and easy to read guidelines, and sets out the fundamentals for success in a modern, digital world.” 

Katie Oakley Founding Partner, MEAT 

In ‘The Participant Principle’,  Maya Middlemiss uses  her  experience working with Saros Research and the many thousands of research participants they have placed in an incredible range of projects since the company’s inception in 2000.

This book breaks new ground and reveals the key ingredients to successful recruitment for all user testing and qualitative research. From focus  groups  to  eye  tracking  to food tasting and every conceivable  methodology  in  between, it all depends upon the flexibility, ideas and commitment of the people participating. It’s their ideas and contributions which are the building blocks for all that the research industry delivers.

“We are passionate about participants, because we know how important they are.  We want the researchers we work with to get the best possible people to work with, those   who  will  put  the  greatest  efforts into their contributions. This guide will help  you  to  get  the most out of the recruitment services you commission for every research project you do.”  

Maya Middlemiss


A guide to getting the best recruitment for your user testing and qualitative research

We’ve been recruiting research participants for so long, it was time we wrote the book. Publishing in Spring 2016, The Participant Principle: A guide to getting the best recruitment for your user testing and qualitative research by Maya Middlemiss distills the experience and expertise of recruiting well over 25,000 participants for projects all over the UK – ranging from focus groups to eye tracking, food tasting to family ethnography, and everything in between.

Our intention is always to work collaboratively with our research partners, bringing our recruitment experience to bear alongside your expertise in your craft, with the shared objective of achieving your client’s research objectives as the end result.  And whilst every project we work on is unique, there are questions and concerns which arise regularly – many of which need to be addressed very early in the project planning process.

The Participant Principle includes chapters on…

  •         Choosing a recruitment partner (and why we won’t always be the best choice, incidentally)
  •         Scheduling and logistics
  •         Working with your recruiter
  •         Screening and screening tools
  •         Working with specialist populations, from minors to high net worth
  •         Applying quantitative tools to qualitative recruitment
  •         Segmentation and socioeconomic grading
  •         Over recruitment
  •         Incentives
  •         Recruitment findings
  •         Two-way feedback

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