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Gail Jennie Orbell

"As a successful author of books with interesting and amusing heroines, Gail turns her eagle eye to expose her own life as an author, with this blog style diary of events of her life in the heart of Leicestershire Writing as Jennie Orbell, Gail writes Contemporary Fiction. Her likes and loves include positive people, cats with attitude, sponge cakes that rise, snails that stay in other gardens and country music. She is respectful of all creatures – and human beings who have earned it. An extreme Scorpio who never forgets a kindness (or a hurt) She dislikes self-important/pessimistic/ illogical people, broken promises and all forms of cruelty to animals She shares her life with her partner, Richard  (whom for some strange reason appears to accept all of the above!) two chickens and a tabby cat called Chea. Favourite Life Quotes. *  What doesn’t destroy you makes you stronger. *  It is better to say nothing and appear stupid than to speak and remove all doubt."

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