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Sidney S Skinner

"He loved telling stories and had dozens of anecdotes about his life and the various adventures he had had – from being a gofer as a young lad for a major London Newspaper to spotting a piece of Fabergé come in, when he worked in the accounts department of Phillip’s Auctioneers. He held a variety of jobs working as a book-keeper for a lot of London businesses. He even helped a few to set up – including Mayco Travel and he helped to launch the career of a young fashion designer in the sixties although his office was tucked away at the back of the Ladies’ Changing area – but he just “closed his eyes” as he walked through and suffered. He grew up in the East End of London, but spent a great deal of time visiting friends in Sunderland, which he loved. He took his camera with him everywhere and as a youngster he was fascinated with Railway Engines, Deltics, Coaches and Buses. His books include many photos that have never been published before. "

Author's books

Deltics (Out Soon)


“A Deltic’s gentle throb at the ‘country end’ of King’s Cross (while it waited for the ‘Right of Way’ to take her train northward) is a sound I shall never forget. It made traveling a pleasure for many years.” Sidney S. Skinner This book contains a collection of pictures of the whole Class, along with their Nameplates, all taken within the confines of King’s Cross compiled by the author, together with a brief summary. Most of these photos have never been published before.

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