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Lyn Phillips

"Lyn is a Liverpool born illustrator who now lives in Lanzarote after a detour to Corfu. Having much older artistic siblings, she was introduced to drawing at a very early age but was advised by the school careers officer that art was not a career, just a hobby. A hobby is what it stayed as for many years until, during a turbulent patch, she started doodling again as a form of stress relief. She found that it helped her switch off as she drew the intricate patterns. Still only thinking of it as a hobby she connected with some amazing artists from all over the world on facebook who suggested that her style of drawing would lend itself to colouring pages. This was before the boom in adult colouring books and she, foolishly, didn’t heed the advice. She is inspired by natures patterns which are found on shells, leaves, insects and rock formations and originally drew abstract art. Then people started asking for specific designs like pet portraits and the colouring book idea came to life again. After another major upheaval she decided to concentrate on publishing an adult colouring book and the rest is history."

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