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The Alastair Leslie Collection: Eighteenth Century West Pans Porcelain c.1764-77


By George R. Haggarty

Due out on the 30th July

William Littler produced soft paste porcelain & creamware at West Pans, Scotland, after his Longton Hall bankruptcy. The Alastair Leslie Collection: Eighteenth Century West Pans Porcelain c.1764-77 presents 107 Littler pieces.

Please note: two versions of this book will be available from the 30th July / The Standard and The Deluxe versions
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Deltics (Out Soon)


“A Deltic’s gentle throb at the ‘country end’ of King’s Cross (while it waited for the ‘Right of Way’ to take her train northward) is a sound I shall never forget. It made traveling a pleasure for many years.” Sidney S. Skinner This book contains a collection of pictures of the whole Class, along with their Nameplates, all taken within the confines of King’s Cross compiled by the author, together with a brief summary. Most of these photos have never been published before.

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Realistic Business Forecasting


by Adam Simmons

Realistic Business Forecasting’ bridges the gap between the academic methodology of forecasting and the practical application of these techniques in any business.Adam Simmons has created a practical and accessible guide for any business large or small, in any sector, to help them build their strategies, in advance, based on ‘Realistic Business Forecasting’.

You can also buy the full eBook for £26.99 here 

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A caffeinated photo-journal by Paul Kelly and Fred Shively

Paul Kelly and Fred Shively go off the beaten track to photo and document the café culture of four Balkan countries – Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. Get under the skin of café culture in the Balkans through its neighbourhood joints. Discover their stories from the people who dispense this most aromatic and social beverage.

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