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Adam Simmons

"Adam Simmons MBA MSc BSc - With thirty years in the Public Transport Industry, Adam has worked on major passenger, freight and infrastructure projects across 5 continents. As a lecturer, tutor and practitioner in the field, Adam’s writing is filled with practical information drawn from experience. "

Up until 1988, Adam Simmons MBA MSc BSc worked in two British transport companies, British Rail and London Transport. Since then, he was involved in several franchising competitions for rail services in Great Britain. He has also worked on the other side of the fence, particularly in auditing revenue and performance models for the Department of Transport and Network Rail. On the international front, Adam worked on major passenger, freight and infrastructure projects on all five continents. He was involved in transport and corridor studies throughout Africa as well as the Caribbean, Southeast Asia and Europe and he participated in studies concerning the political and structural aspects of transport infrastructure, demand forecasting and economic/ financial analysis (including cost-benefit analyses). In addition, he has undertaken European aid projects on ex-post evaluation and institutional restructuring. In addition to several other projects, Adam is currently employed by Warwick University as a Teaching Associate in Modelling for Management and by Birmingham University, in a similar role, for Service Operations Management and by the Institute of Railway Operators (UK) as a tutor in Railway Economics and Business Organisation. He has also worked part-time as a lecturer at Westminster University Business School and as a freelance lecturer elsewhere in the London area on a wide array of subjects including quantitative analysis for marketing, services marketing, business strategy and financial management. His books include:- Realistic Business Forecasting and Business Planning in Transport. Both are University Text books and are considered essential reference books for any business wanting to consolidate their business and expand

Author's books

Realistic Business Forecasting


by Adam Simmons

Realistic Business Forecasting’ bridges the gap between the academic methodology of forecasting and the practical application of these techniques in any business.Adam Simmons has created a practical and accessible guide for any business large or small, in any sector, to help them build their strategies, in advance, based on ‘Realistic Business Forecasting’.

You can also buy the full eBook for £26.99 here 

Business Planning in Transport


by Adam Simmons

Adam Simmons provides managers in the public transport sector with practical planning tools to develop & improve their business. Includes railways, ferry, long distance bus/coach and air transport, with advice on pricing, strategy, marketing, linear programming, regression analysis, queuing theory & investment appraisal. These methods apply globally across the industry

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