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Mai Griffin

"Dividing my time between painting and writing is a challenge, but helps to still my own ghosts…"

Bio During her successful career of over seventy years as a professional portrait artist (www.maigriffin.com), travelling the world and painting portraits of Royalty, Heads of State and other prominent figures, Mai never stopped writing. The Ghostly Echoes series was built around fictional characters, but Sarah Grey and her late husband Stephen were inspired by Mai’s parents. Mai now lives in Spain. The Ghostly Echoes Series:- Ghostly Echoes - A Poisonous Echo - Dangerous Echoes - Haunting Echoes - Restless Echoes. Originally published as Shades of Grey, the first of the ORIGINAL Shades of Grey series – long before any of a number of other Shades of Grey were published by other people, these books are Ghost Stories – with little or no sadomasochism in its content! Well, to be precise, it hasn’t any! We eventually gave up the Shades of Grey title. Our books came first – our titles were out first - but it got too tiring having to constantly fight the assumption that this series is in some way a spin-off from any other when, in fact – we repeat – it was written and published FIRST! So what is the series about... Sarah sees and hears ghosts. For her it is a normal and mostly ignored part of her daily life. She doesn’t like to talk about it. Only a few close friends know. Sarah hates publicity and won’t hold séances. Her ability is private and personal …but the police know and so do the spirits who seek her help (and some ghosts, especially children, are very hard to ignore). All Sarah wants to do is to live quietly with her daughter Clarrie. However, a quiet life is difficult to achieve when the recently dead keep intruding. Worse, her daughter might also be psychic and, without realising it, is walking into danger. In whatever order you read her books, Mai Griffin’s series of supernatural thrillers Ghostly Echoes will grip you (once you get over the title and the total lack of spurious sex). Restless Echoes finishes the Ghostly Echoes Series Stand Alone Books by Mai Griffin include Short Blasts (short stories) and Somebody Came (a lighter look at what it is like living with ghosts

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