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Gaile Griffin Peers

"I'd say I was "all singing, all dancing" except that no one wants to see me dance who values their feet. My singing probably leaves a lot to be desired, too... "

I have always written - my passion started with poetry (one day, maybe I will share that) - but that rapidly got side tracked into a career as a Change Manager and later as a publisher of magazines and books. This created a need to develop a host of other skill sets - from editing and illustrating - to graphic design and the intricacies of preparing books for publication. It was never my intention to publish anything I did myself, but always to publish others... but the beauty of my day job, helping people to achieve and starting many on the lifelong path of being "an author" made me realise, after nearly 20 years as a publisher, that the time has come to offer my neck to the butcher's block and publish some of my own work... ...but as Michaela Orme, so it would slip unnoticed through the cracks... In my down time, I illustrated a couple of books for other people and, of course, I oversee and often design our own covers... Then Covid hit and that lifestyle change brought an enormous stress - so I doodled myself out of the blues and had so much fun doing it that I drew a series of books that add to one we had already started with Lyn Phillips - and to which I had always intended to add other authors - so... here we are... with a heap of books - and barely a word in any of them :) "

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