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James Mitchell

"Mr. Mitchell began his career in his twenties teaching creative writing, before resigning to travel to Europe to “write the next great American novel.” After a year abroad, he ran out of money and returned to the States with a one-hundred page draft he would complete years later. In the meantime, he launched a career as an executive speechwriter and wrote for executives at four different corporations, the last being IBM. At IBM, Mr. Mitchell served as an executive speechwriter and magazine publisher, before becoming a corporate communications executive. As an executive, he worked on assignment in Paris for more than three years. Not until he retired from IBM did he rewrite Piccadilly Circus, the novel he began in Portugal almost 40 years earlier. Since retiring from IBM, he has also written two other novels: a literary romance that takes place in Manhattan and Paris and is based loosely on his own experience as a publisher; and a third novel based on his childhood in Oklahoma and his teenage years in California. Mr. Mitchell and his wife live in Connecticut where they raised two sons and now enjoy the company of a grandson. Piccadilly Circus by James Allen Mitchell "

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