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Jean Collins

"When Jean Collins of South Kelsey was 77, she volunteered to re-type the history of her local church - but ended up writing the complete history of the village. And her book, South Kelsey – A History of a North Lincolnshire Village, is the result. "It starts in Anglo-Saxon times and it continues to the present day," she said. Without giving away any of the fascinating village timeline, we can reveal that the name South Kelsey probably means "little island on marshy ground". In Norman times, the village became a manor and it was given to one of the Norman knights. Things have moved on since then and the village has been subjected to momentous changes over the centuries. Speaking of how it would have been in the 19th Century, Mrs Collins said: "There was so much going on then. There were mills, forges – it was self-contained. There was every trade in the village and they didn't need outside interference.""

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