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Mac Black

"I enjoy humour in all forms. In my life, I have had fun performing daft roles in amateur theatre and, at times have written and presented silly poetry – I loved hearing the sound of laughter. "

Now, I am having great pleasure in writing fiction in the hope of gaining smiles. This, I modestly claim, to be not bad for someone who can’t tell a joke to save himself, but, changing my name has been a temptation. Instead of MAC BLACK I’d become CHAIDSUFF GREY – that way my fortune might come from people looking for erotic stories. Unfortunately with mine they could be disappointed, although I hope they’d stay and be pleasantly surprised. My Derek books are MEANT for grown-ups and are only a LITTLE bit naughty in places – I prefer using humour as a means of telling a tale. I want to make you smile as you read, but also to be curious as to what you will find as you turn a page and so, I have created a fictional character who appears in each of the books to be my hero. However this fellow is not alone when it comes to looking for misfortune – there are always others in the stories to help him find it! So. may I introduce DEREK! It is unfortunate for him to be saddled by a nickname, a nickname that stuck when he was young, and one he’d rather not have. Derek, as a name, is fairly innocuous and is not the one causing the problem. It is his surname, Toozlethwaite – not easy to say for a youngster. So, a nickname was acquired from his pals – but I am not telling you what it is! You’ll have to read the stories to find out. That is why the first tale is called ‘Please…Call Me Derek’. Derek is a young man, in his early thirties, a reporter on a local newspaper, but with an ambition that may be beyond his capabilities – he wants to be a real writer. I think of him as my hapless hero… Hopefully, along the way, he’ll succeed in his quest, but, having inside knowledge, I am aware that his life-changing moments will not always occur in the way he would have chosen – IF he’d had the chance to choose. As it happens his misfortunes often are of his own silly making; he is a smart cookie but a little naive at times… The Derek Series (YA and Adult) Please... Call Me Derek Derek's In Trouble DEREK'S REVENGE DEREK'S GOOD RELATIONS Derek Takes Action Stand-Alone (Adult and YA) How Many Lives has Scuffo? (Paperback) The Sweaty Series (Children) (includes Colour illustrations by the author) Sweaty and Pals Sweaty and Pals Again Sweaty and Pals Smile! The Maximillian Series (Children) (includes Colour illustrations by the author) "

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