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Ken Hughes

Ken Hughes is a professionally qualified Mechanical Engineer, now retired. Born in Denton, Lancashire, England in 1947 during the period of austerity immediately after the Second World War, he is a native citizen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Of northern stock, he inherits the down to earth attitudes typical of that region. As…

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Adam Simmons MBA MSc BSc, All Authors

Adam Simmons MBA MSc BSc

With thirty years in the Public Transport Industry, Adam Simmons MBA MSc BSc has worked on major passenger, freight and infrastructure projects across 5 continents. As a lecturer, tutor and practitioner in the field, Adam’s writing is filled with practical information drawn from experience. Up until 1988, Adam Simmons MBA MSc BSc worked in two British transport companies,…

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All Authors, E Bamford

E Bamford

Experienced writer and restaurateur, E. Bamford moved to U P Publications with her fourth book and the start of a new trilogy – Chasing the Dead. Currently based in the UK, after several years in Spain and along the Mediterranean, this much travelled author brings her well researched locations into her ingenious plots.

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