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For many years U P Publications has accepted and published the books we have liked. We have always insisted that they should be written in good English.

In the past, we have had to reject books simply because the cost of editing would be too high. We recognise that, as a result, many good stories remain unpublished. In order to address this rising problem we have formed a subsidiary arm WriteKnowHow under its own banner.

We are not Vanity Publishers, so we offer separate editing services to aspiring authors, to help them to prepare their manuscripts for submission elsewhere (www.write-up.co.uk). Our own authors get these services free, but acceptance onto our own author list is based on the quality of the manuscript submitted to us as part of a first approach.

There are too many new books on our lists to spare any of our staff to help you, at the moment, but we do have an Outsource list of experienced proof readers and editors whom we trust with our own books.

If you are interested in using a professional proof-editor to help you prepare your manuscript, please use the “Ask a Question” Page on the Write Know How website to contact us and we will be pleased to pass your query on to one of the freelance teams. If they are available, they will contact you and you can arrange your own rates with them.

Visit www.writeknowhow.co.uk

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