Death Stings


by E. Bamford

When a friend is killed, James is a suspect so when he finds a child’s body, his policeman brother can’t help! What connects young Holly and the victims? Could a child be the murderer? Chasing the Dead: Death Stings is a stand-alone mystery, but it reveals an ancient vendetta that spans time and the trilogy.

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After an old friend is found murdered, James is drawn into the police investigation. Once he falls under suspicion, having a brother in the Force proves to be no protection when he then discovers a child’s body. The only suspects seem to be himself and people he is sure are innocent. Who else could have a motive? What is the mystery behind the strange bond between young Holly and the first victim? Could a child really be the murderer? Chasing the Dead: Death Stings is a stand-alone mystery introducing Sir James Marchant, a recently widowed landowner who is running a sanctuary for retired Police horses. It is also the first of three books featuring Sir James and reveals an ancient vendetta that spans the trilogy.
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Look out for the next volume soon.

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