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Ghostly Echoes

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by Mai Griffin

Sarah sees and hears ghosts. For her it is a normal and mostly ignored part of her daily life. She doesn’t like to talk about it. Only a few close friends know. Sarah hates publicity and won’t hold séances.  Ghostly Echoes – 1

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Meet The Author

"Dividing my time between painting and writing is a challenge, but helps to still my own ghosts…"

Series: Ghostly Echoes: Formerly ‘Deadly Shades of Grey’ by Mai Griffin

Originally published as Deadly Shades of Grey several years ago, the first of the ORIGINAL Shades of Grey series – long before any of a number of other Shades of Grey were published by other people, this book is a Ghost Story – with little or no sadomasochism in its content! Well, to be precise, it hasn’t any! We, the publishers and the Author, give up. Our books came first – our titles were out first – our books are beautifully written and crafted – and we are fed-up with the assumption that this series is in some way a spinoff from any other when, in fact – we repeat – it was written and published FIRST! Sarah sees and hears ghosts. For her it is a normal and mostly ignored part of her daily life. She doesn’t like to talk about it. Only a few close friends know. Sarah hates publicity and won’t hold séances. Her ability is private and personal …but the police know and so do the spirits who seek her help (and some ghosts, especially children, are very hard to ignore). All Sarah wants to do is to live quietly with her daughter Clarrie. However, a quiet life is difficult to achieve when the recently dead keep intruding. Worse, her daughter might also be psychic and, without realising it, is walking into danger …so a missing woman and child may soon be the least of all their worries! In whatever order you read her books, Mai Griffin’s series of supernatural thrillers Ghostly Echoes will grip you (once you get over the title and the total lack of spurious sex).

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Paperback: 284 pages

Publisher: U P Publications Ltd;

Title Changed edition (29 Mar 2014) ISBN 978-1908135513

Product Dimensions: 19.8 x 12.9 x 1.5 cm

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1 review for Ghostly Echoes

  1. admin

    Mai Griffin is an artist and author who is based in Javea, on the northern coast of Spain’s Costa Blanca with her daughter, Gaile Griffin Peers, also a writer. The ladies are also involved in publishing. I met them for the first time in 2017 at a writing conference in Velez Blanco, Andalusia, where Mai gave me a copy of her novel, Ghostly Echoes, to read and review.

    Life got in the way, so it was just a few days ago that I finally picked up the book to read. The main characters in the novel are Sarah Grey and her daughter, Clarinda – Clarrie for short. Sarah is a gifted psychic, but doesn’t like to brag about it, and Clarrie is also blessed with the gift, but sees it as more of a curse and tries to ignore it. However, as experienced psychics and mediums know only too well, if Spirit want to work through you, they won’t be ignored.

    Sarah sometimes works with Alec, a Police inspector and good friend, giving him insights into difficult cases. In this book, the first in the series of ‘Grey’ books, a child is kidnapped, another child and a young boy die, and in the course of the investigation, a trio of unrelated murders are solved as a bonus.

    Mai Griffin is a master of storytelling, elegantly weaving a multi-faceted tale spread over a number of years and locations, including Wales and Spain. There’s just the right level of suspense as the story unfolds, and the reader is quickly drawn in. It’s an overworked phrase, but I really couldn’t put this book down. All the characters – on this side of life or the afterlife – are well crafted and engaging, with a couple of notable exceptions. The reader just knows these men have ‘dunnit,’ just not how or why, and that’s just a small part of the overall picture.

    There’s a nice balance between fast-paced action and reflection, and what really sets this book above other ghostly tales is the way the spiritual angle of the story is presented. As a psychic herself, Mai has excellent insight into the way Spirit work, and how mediums bring messages to the living. She cleverly illustrates how those who try to use this special gift for personal ends can come unstuck when ego comes into the equation, demonstrating beautifully that not everything is always as it seems, on both sides of life.

    As well as being a rattling good yarn, Ghostly Echoes gives interesting insights into the world of spiritualism, and debunks many of the myths perpetrated in other novels and on screen. Sarah and Clarrie are ordinary people with extraordinary talents. Life hasn’t been kind to them – they are both widows – but they’ve found inner peace and fulfillment in their new lives.

    Mai Griffin writes with an authority and humour gleaned from almost 90 years of experience of life and its idiosyncracies and synchronicities. As a bonus, even the book blurb is hilarious. Ghostly Echoes actually started life as Deadly Shades of Grey, long before the last three words were preceded by a number and given an altogether different meaning.

    There may be no spurious sex or sado-masochism within its covers – Javea’s not that sort of place, and Mai’s not that sort of lady – but Ghostly Echoes has much more going for it. It’s a well crafted tale, with just the right balance of humour, action, authenticity and reflection to satisfy the most discerning readers of crime fiction. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

    Review by Sandra Piddock extracted from http://sandrainspain.com/book-review-ghostly-echoes-by-mai-griffin/

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