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Hen Party

by Hilary Coombes

Bern goes from organising a hen party in Benidorm to sitting in a Spanish police cell and having to face her past and her present.

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Meet The Author

"Non Fiction author, Hilary Coombes turns now to her first love, fiction, as a writer of gritty tales about contemporary women. Hilary Coombes was born in Devon and brought up in Bristol. After juggling family and studying for university as a mature student she taught in various schools and colleges, eventually specialising in teaching blind students. She lives between Somerset and Spain with her husband. All her previous books are non-fiction (boring she says compared with the joy of writing a ‘proper’ story, which she continues to do under her own label). We are delighted to have the first of her many Fiction Books on our list"

As the survivor of a terrible childhood, Bern has always lived her stormy, flamboyant life as a fighter.

Now in her fifties, organising a hen party in the popular Spanish resort of Benidorm is easy, but booking a party also means she must deal with the consequences when one of her companions reveals a secret that has repercussions for everyone.

Bern finds herself in a Spanish police cell and is forced to confront her deeply buried feelings, her past and face up to the way she is living her life.

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