by Ken Hughes

Ken Hughes offers a radical new analysis of relativity and shows why we live in a Binary Universe. With clarification, examples and supporting research, Ken expands on his first edition. Find explanations for many conundrums in physics including: Causality of gravitation, Wavelike time, Quantum time, Binary time, Entanglement & the quantum world.

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Theoretical physics is driven by the ideas of the mathematical physicist and the sometimes, subjective interpretations of the mathematics of Relativity Theory and Quantum Mechanics. Yet today, we are still faced with many paradoxes and conundrums in our attempts to understand the laws of nature.

This visionary book stands back from the grindstone of mainstream physics and presents a down to earth, Engineer’s view of Special and General Relativity, together with an insightful understanding of the physical nature of time that affects our view of the quantum world.

The author adheres strictly to causality throughout his deductive reasoning and, with just a little mathematics, arrives at an intuitive concept of the Grand Unification, Einstein’s unfinished, unified field theory. The field provides a common source of energy for all processes (including gravitation), all matter from the beginning of the universe itself.

Ken Hughes demonstrates why we are living in a binary universe and his theory offers fascinating explanations for many present-day conundrums in physics.

Updated with even more explanations, examples and supporting research, this second edition of The Binary Universe revisits the conclusion of the first edition, with more detail and additional information.

Contents include: Causality of gravitation, Wavelike time, Quantum time, Binary time, Entanglement and the quantum world. The Binary Universe opens up a radical new approach to Space and the universe that surrounds us.


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