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Somebody Came eBook


by Mai Griffin

Seph’s fun-loving brother likes to meddle in everything and being dead doesn’t seem to hold him back, one bit. So, the big questions are – Will she ever meet someone special who won’t mind her brother coming on dates? Will Dion ever tire of involving her in trying to solve crimes? And, more importantly, should she tell her parents?

Also available as a Paperback

Another Tale of Maximillian the Mouse


by Mac Black

Max is a mouse with issues.

Maximillian needs a new home… First he has to decide what to pack, then where will he go and what will he do when and if he gets there? Max is a mouse with a lot of issues and some very unusual skills.

The question is – is he going to be able to use them?

In a whimsical departure from his successful Sweaty (Children) and Derek (Young Adult) series, Mac Black brings us a quirky new character called Maximillian – a resourceful mouse, with some surprising ideas. This is Book Two in the series – you will find Book One here

The Tale of Maximillian the Mouse


by Mac Black

Max is a mouse with issues.

Trying to fit in with everyone around him means that Max can’t be himself – in fact, it is downright dangerous being himself – so if he is to carry on living with the horrible cat, Camilla, and Mrs McSkimming, he needs to change himself into someone else…

The question is – is he going to be comfortable with the result?



A caffeinated photo-journal by Paul Kelly and Fred Shively

Paul Kelly and Fred Shively go off the beaten track to photo and document the café culture of four Balkan countries – Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. Get under the skin of café culture in the Balkans through its neighbourhood joints. Discover their stories from the people who dispense this most aromatic and social beverage.

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